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PlayUs mettre à jour

En route vers le weekend! C’est Geovanny! We are very close to start another amazing weekend and we have another PlayUs feature update. It is…

Viva la radio, viva le podcast!

Finally, we have released our new podcast website. It is place created for publishing interesting podcasts related to the research, technology and entrepreneur world. Also,…

Hé toi Qu’est-ce que tu regardes? 👏

Finalement nous sommes vendredi ! Youpi. C’est le week-end et nous avons plein de bonnes nouvelles ! As we said in French, today, we have…

Paygo® – AgenceMe® at the new revolutionary fintech era

Hi, Salut, Hola, Hallo, Today we would like to announce the release of our last technical features included on our Paygo® and AgenceMe® products. We…

Paygo Business Diagram

Hello Guys! Our official Business Diagram is coming soon. It will be launched next Wednesday 27 March 2019.

Paygo Business summary short edition

C’est ici… Suivez ce lien stp: https://www.facebook.com/VeltaConsulting/posts/2286779798269344

Guten Abend!

Hallo freunden! Heute, wir würden gern aktie gute nachricht mit alle unseren freunden:

Paygo technical report

At Velta Inc we do not stop! Today we are happy to annouance the official launching of our Paygo ® technical report. We are sharing…

Ensemble project

Hello everyone! Today, we are so happy of announcing the official launching our Ensemble® project. Ensemble ® is an ICT-based project promoting the zero-hunger initiative…

Next Week….

Hello Guys, Next week, is full of releases! Please stay tuned for knowing our updates in relation to our projects: Ensemble and NutreMe.

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