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Paygo Business Diagram

Hello Guys! Our official Business Diagram is coming soon. It will be launched next Wednesday 27 March 2019.

To be interviewed by Juan Carlos Yepes

Hello Guys! Today, I would like to share good news (as people say in french: une bonne nouvelle).

New Contact Numbers

Happy new year! Today, we would like to inform to our clients, providers and all our friends about our new contact number at Switzerland. From…

Paygo technical report

At Velta Inc we do not stop! Today we are happy to annouance the official launching of our Paygo ® technical report. We are sharing…

Ensemble project

Hello everyone! Today, we are so happy of announcing the official launching our Ensemble® project. Ensemble ® is an ICT-based project promoting the zero-hunger initiative…

Next Week….

Hello Guys, Next week, is full of releases! Please stay tuned for knowing our updates in relation to our projects: Ensemble and NutreMe.

Paygo ® Reports release

Today, we are proud of announce the release of our 2018 Paygo® reports. Would you like to you know what is Paygo exactly doing? Would…

Paygo is very very close!

Everytime we are closest of delivering our Paygo Project, today we would like to share our most recent advance: We are working on our product…

A complementary canvas vision

Company DNA canvas. Align the core essence of your organization along with next five key milestones in a single canvas.

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