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Hé toi Qu’est-ce que tu regardes? 👏

Finalement nous sommes vendredi ! Youpi. C’est le week-end et nous avons plein de bonnes nouvelles !

As we said in French, today, we have good news! “La Grenade 8D audio version” has reached a 1k of views on Youtu.be. Bravo!


It is a video created for me by using an algorithm for encoding audio in 8 outputs (8D). I have used and extended an open source python module / app for it. In a next post I will explain all details about how I created it.

For celebrating it, we have created a music visualizer module app. It is a web app able to use videos from YouTube and add on them different kind of spectrum animations. I have used the song entitled “Sail Away” from the French D.J Møme for testing it. You can check it at:

Only works on web, not mobile support at the moment, sorry


Je l’adore

All features will be explained very soon on our blog.

I’m very close to produce videos like Spinning tv or Armada Tv, hehehe ;). Just kidding 😉 It is just a little implementation for our PlayUs app. Coming soon we will have very nice updates on our music app.

Last but not least, I also have created a smart web app module for supporting the automatic translation of songs played on our platform. It will be integrated with our music visualizer module on our release. Please stay tuned. To be published soon pls 😊

Thank you very much!

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